icebreaker  – Anniversary Pack

icebreaker – Anniversary Pack

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icebreaker  – Anniversary Pack

Globetrotter Anniversary Edition

Brand: icebreaker – Anniversary Pack

Product: Paper Cans

F ourty years of Globetrotter and a long-standing partnership - icebreaker congratulates the specialist for outdoor equipment and celebrates the common path that brands have been embarking on together for 25 years.In an effort to bring about sustainable change in the industry, icebreaker offers materials that work as  a natural alternative a natural alternative to synthetics. For this reason, their packaging was meant to leave only a small ecological footprint. Move to Natural. The cans and the label are made of paper and embody the "Move to Natural" look.The individualized label shape as well as a backdrop print lend the product its special charm.   

icebreaker  – Anniversary Pack


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